NOF Projects

New Finalists 

Project Address Summary Anticipated Award Amount Year Awarded
Bitoy's Sweet Treats 5957 W. Chicago Ave. Renovation for existing sweet shop including new facade and windows $248,820.00 2021
Blue Tin Productions 3055 W. 63rd St. Storefront buildout for an apparel production workers co-operative $250,000.00 2021
Burdeens Chicago 2139 W. Cermak Rd. Renovation for a long-standing urban footwear and apparel store. $250,000.00 2021
Carnitas Uruapan - Little Village 3801 W. 26th St. Complete building rehabilitation for a third location of Carnitas Uruapan in Little Village  $250,000.00 2021
Chicago BodyShop 2049 E. 79th St. Buildout for a new health and fitness center $250,000.00 2021
Chicago Human Rhythm Project 8701 S. Bennett Ave. Renovation of first and second floor for a new dance and music studio $250,000.00  2021
ChiFresh Kitchen 400 E. 71st St. Storefront and facility buildout for a prepared meal business $250,000.00 2021
Elia's Mattress 1846 W. 47th St. Expansion for an existing furniture and mattress store $217,923.75  2021
Flyball 4404 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Buildout for a new retail store specializing in Negro League Baseball Apparel $166,100.00  2021
Jamaican Jerk Villa 632-654 W. 79th St. Expansion into a larger location for existing Jamaican food restaurant $250,000.00 2021
J. Marie Development (NOF Large) 949 E. 75th St. Renovation of an existing, vacant building for a 13,375 SF restaurant. $1,349,500.00 2021-1
La Casa de Samuel 2836-38 W. Cermak Rd. Mexican restaurant expansion into building next door $160,050.00  2021
Lawndale Christian Development Corporation 3806 W. 16th St. Buildout for a new restaurant and catering service focused on healthy alternative to soul food $166,971.96 2021
Mikkey's Retro Grill 839 W. 79th St. Renovation for a new location of fast casual restaurant  $171,637.54  2021
Motoworks Chicago (NOF Large) 1901 S. Western Ave. Renovation of existing business for a training school, additional retail space and community event space. $1,590,602.00 2021-1
Naty's Pizza 3849 W. 26th St. Improvements including facade work for an existing pizza shop  $90,213.75  2021
Ninety Two Sneakers & Apparel 4717 S. Ashland Ave. Renovation project for long-standing sneaker and apparel shop  $28,050.00 2021
Nuevo Leon Bakery 4062 W. 26th St. Remodel of an existing neighborhood bakery  $59,516.00  2021
Pop That Pop on the Grove 4424 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Interior buildout for a new gourmet popcorn shop  $81,598.50  2021
Reggio's Pizza 4438 S. Cottage Grove Ave. New location interior buildout for existing pizza shop $250,000.00 2021
Restaurant Las Esperanzas 1758 W. 47th St. Exterior work and new patio for existing Mexican restaurant   $49,500.00  2021
Rincon Family Services 3944 W. North Ave. Renovation for a new neighborhood cafe $177,075.00  2021
SanJustins Kitchen 157 W. 75th St. Expansion of existing shared kitchen to create four new kitchen areas $250,000.00  2021
Stephens Properties 1519 W. 79th St. Buildout for a salon suites and tax service businesses $250,000.00  2021
Taqueria Huentitan 4019 W. North Ave. Update and renovation to an existing Mexican restaurant $81,675.00  2021
The Plant (NOF Large) 1400 W. 46th St. Renovation of 6,000 SF for seven, commercial, incubator kitchens. $1,682,500.00 2021-1
Urban Luxe Cafe 2911 E. 79th St. Interior and exterior renovation for a new neighborhood cafe $154,200.00  2021

Small Grant Awarded Projects

Project Address Summary Estimated Grant Amount** Year Awarded
5 Loaves Eatery 405 E. 75th St. Expansion of established neighborhood restaurant that will allow them to grow into adjacent storefront, increase capacity and improve efficiency $250,00.00 2019
5 Loaves Eatery / Harold's Chicken 407 E. 75th St. Renovations to multi-tenant commercial property to improve the façade, tuck-pointing, and HVAC $195,500.00 2018
79th/Halsted Retail 7861 S. Halsted St. Renovations to six (6) unit commercial property to fill three (3) vacant units and to update the façade $41,900.00 2019
Acuario Piscis Pet Store & Grooming 3040 W. Cermak Rd. Interior and exterior renovations (including façade enhancement) for the existing pet store and grooming salon. Locally and family-owned business that sells pet supplies, reptiles, birds, rodents, and fish. $122,037.50 2019
Ambassador Floral 11045 S. Halsted St. Complete renovation of the property, including expansion of the garden center $225,988.20  2017
Amour Salon Suites 646-650 E, 43rd St, solar roof panels for a neighborhood salon/studio $23,735.85  2020
Bass Furniture & Rug 11431 S. Michigan Ave. Interior and exterior renovations for furniture store $186,450.00 2020
Beverly Food Market 8636 S. Ashland Ave. Renovations for a start-up grocery store that includes a deli and take-out foods space. The food market occupies a former Walgreens location. $190,782.46 2019
Bombon Cake Gallery and Design 834 W. 26th St. Renovation and build-out for a neighborhood baker $193,631.25 2020
Bronzeville Culinary Kitchens 436 E. 47th St. Buildout of new shared commercial kitchen and events facility to support new and existing food-based small businesses. $250,000.00 2018
Bronzeville Office Suites 48 E. Pershing Rd. New construction of office suites for the Bronzeville community $250,000.00 2020
Bronzeville Wings 4547 S. State St. New construction for a casual dining restaurant $250,000.00 2021
Burst Into Books 11001 S. Michigan Ave. Interior renovations for a new bookstore and business incubator $250,000.00 2021
Café Du Bois 325 W. 95th St. Acquire, renovate, and transform the vacant property into a sit-down retail coffee shop, Café Du Bois.  $250,000 2019
CBQ Facial Beauty Bar 4458 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Buildout for a salon and spa as part of a new construction mixed-use project $27,675.00  2020
Calahan Funeral Home 7046 S. Halsted St. Expansion of an existing funeral home with a building addition and new parking $250,000.00 2018
Catedral Café 2455 - 59 S. Christian Ave. Buildout for start-up vegan restaurant with demo kitchen and rooftop patio. The owners own La Catedral Café & restaurant across the street, an anchor in the Little Village community. $235,175.00 2019
Cocina Companida de Trabajadores Cooperativistas, LWCA (CCTC) 3654 W. 16th St. Building purchase and commercial kitchen expansion for an existing Mexican street vendor cooperative $114,625.00 2019
Cookie’s Cocktail Lounge 1024 W. 79th St. Renovations for a long-standing community tavern $236,125.27 2021
Culver's 111th St. & Doty Rd. New construction of Culver's restaurant $250,000.00 2020
Del-Kar Pharmacy 3726 W. 16th St. Renovations to longstanding neighborhood pharmacy and convenience store $113,246.25 2018
Delar's Unisex Salon 4132 W. 26th St. Interior and exterior renovation for existing hair salon $54,300.00 2021
DLV Printing Service, Inc. 5825 W. Corcoran Pl. Building renovation for an existing printing services company​ $67,320.00 2020
Dust Em Clean Maintenance 634 E. 61st St. Redevelopment of multi-unit commercial building owned and occupied by an existing janitorial and site maintenance company along with new retail tenants. $250,000.00 2018
Duwell Fish Company 617 S. Pulaski Rd. Existing fish retailer renovating their parking lot and building out space for an outdoor farmer’s market. A 50-year old family-owned company. $109,607.00  2019
Elite Futures 1659 W. 51st St. Renovation and build-out for a new neighborhood deli and convenience store $246,400.00 2020
El Pollo Bravo 4105 W. 26th St. Acquisition and buildout to re-open a chicken restaurant (specializing in flame grilled chicken). This project will allow Pollo Bravo to remain on the same block they were formerly operating on. $250,000.00 2019
Englewood Branded 1546 W. 63rd St. Renovations to existing neighborhood-centric screen printing shop. The renovations will allow them to improve the retail area and the screen printing training area. $194,421.00 2019
Etcetera 2674 W. Madison St. Complete rehab of a start-up American restaurant and sports bar $250,000.00 2018
Family Dental Care 3009 E. 92nd St. Holistic renovation for an existing dental office $174,059.44  2020
FATBURGER/Buffalo Wings 825 E. 87th St. Buildout for a new casual Cajun and Texas-style Barbecue restaurant $250,000.00 2021
FIG Cafe Coffee 1008 W. 79th St. Exterior renovations for neighborhood coffee shop $10,650.00 2020
Fletcher’s Laundry 6049 S. Halsted St. Remodeling for an existing laundry service $185,925.00 2021
Floreria La Orquidea 2458 S. Millard Ave. Acquisition and buildout for relocation and expansion of existing floral arrangement business $250,000.00  2019
FoodHero L3C 3525 W. 26th St. Buildout for a shared commercial kitchen with culinary and business training programs. Food Hero is an existing organization that offers certified courses in restaurant management, food manufacturing, food safety, etc. $250,000.00 2019
Full Video Production Services 2226 E. 71st St. Acquisition of an adjacent lot and renovations to an existing video production service business $121,680.00 2019
Gala Enterprises 10658 S. Michigan Ave. Remodel in an historic building for a new food market $204,700.00 2020
Garifuna Flava Caribbean Restaurant 2516 W. 63rd St. Improvements to the façade, rehab of the dining room and expansion of the kitchen $221,250.00  2017
Granados Cafe 1845 W. 47th St. Buildout for a new Mexican bakery and cafe $250,000.00 2021
Ground Control 3961 W. Madison St. Renovation and expansion for a retail clothing and shoe store $250,000.00  2020
Haute Brats 6239 S. Ashland Ave. Buildout for new tenant: "Haute Brats," a social enterprise that will serve takeout American classics and provide workforce development training in conjunction with local organizations $133,719.00 2018
Heritage Club 5951 W. Madison St. Historical building conversion into high-end retail, restaurant, and event space $250,000.00 2021
Heritage Plaza Banquet Facility 1500 W. 95th St. Commercial kitchen and banquet hall renovations for an existing community-oriented banquet facility affiliated with Third Baptist Church of Chicago $250,000.00 2019
Homan Grown 3844 W 16th St. Addition of new component of the MLK Blooms Initiative that wholesales and retails perennials to Chicago-based landscaping firms $53,429.99  2017
Iyanze Bronze 308 E. 51st St. Build-out for a second location of the Nigerian restaurant in the Bronzeville Cookin' building $174,367.51 2017
Jacaranda Bar 3608 W. 26th St. Beautification of the space for a neighborhood tavern and lounge, plus addition of a back patio. $140,553.88  2019
Jeffery Java and Old Fashioned Donuts 1951 E. 71st St. Buildout of start-up coffee shop and café featuring Old Fashioned Donuts $250,000.00 2018
Justice of the Pies 2025 E. 75th St. Renovations for a social mission-based bakery company $250,000.00 2021
KC Body Shop Supply 6027 S. Kedzie Ave. Storefront and roofing work for an existing auto body and repair shop $68,247.25 2020
Kusanya Café 823 W. 69th St. Renovations to neighborhood café and adjacent space to allow for an expansion where they will offer wellness and yoga classes $56,750.00  2019
Latinos Progresando 2724 W. Cermak Rd. Property acquisition and build-out of a currently vacant public library building into a hub for cultural activities and events, such as art, music and theater. The first floor will house offices for the organization's legal immigration services $250,000.00 2018
Lee's Unleaded Blues 7401 S. South Chicago Ave. Acquisition and rebabilitation to re-open a blues club $131,259.75 2020
L. May Creations 5938 W. Chicago Ave. Expansion project for an existing upscale event space $250,000.00 2020
Lior's Cafe 10500 S. Halsted St. Buildout for new café and business incubator $184,599.19 2021
M & M Realty LLC 1701 E. 75th St. Redevelopment of a vacant former carwash for a multi-tenant retail strip to accommodate a new coffee shop and other commercial uses $250,000.00 2019
Magnolia Screen Printing 2504 W. 63rd St. Complete interior renovation and exterior refresh for screen printer $127,375.00  2020
Martinez Funeral Home 2534 S. Pulaski Rd. Interior and exterior renovations to independently owned, LatinX funeral home $59,428.50 2019
Melvina Masterminds 6114 W. North Ave. Buildout for a new entity, led by comedian and Chicago native Hannibal Burress, that will seek to enrich students with skill development. This entity will offer entrepreneurship training programs and include a performing arts venue. $168,750.00 2019
Mr. Anthony's Cleaners 5136 W. Chicago Ave. Interior and exterior rehabilitation for dry cleaner $119,700.00 2020
National Park Foundation 11057 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Buildout for the Visitors' Center at the forthcoming National Pullman Monument Park $250,000.00 2018
Natural Roots Kids Hair 1851-55 E. 87th St. Interior and exterior renovations for hair salon $250,000.00 2021
Norman's Bistro 1001 - 1005 E. 43rd St. Façade enhancements to multi-unit commercial property including Norman’s Bistro, Room 43, and construction of The Haven $163,663.00  2018
Nortom Public Accounting & Auditing Company 1514 W. 87th St. Buildout for a start-up accounting services and insurance brokerage firm $23,935.00 2019
One Florence Boulevard 605 E. 111th St. Renovations for a café and gift shop as part of the Pullman House Project Welcome Center $245,300.00 2021
Pantano's Restaurant 2521-2523 W. 63rd St. Buildout for a new casual Latin fusion restaurant $223,402.00 2021
Party Wheelz 7508 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Acquisition and buildout for start-up event space focused on birthdays for ages 3 - 12. Kids will be able to drive high-end brand electric cars that can be remotely controlled by parents. $242,000.00  2019
POTLUC 5811 W. Chicago Ave. Expansion for an existing catering company into an events space $90,000.00 2021
Quintana 3050 W. Cermak Rd. Interior and exterior renovations for an existing multilingual solutions company $192,000.00 2021
S2 City Grill 8734 S. Stony Island Ave. Rehabilitation and buildout for steak and seafood restaurant $130,075.74  2020
Sarah Kuenyefu Collection 4410-4412 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Buildout for a new location of a clothing store $105,420.00  2021
SOAJ  2313 E. 71st St. Renovations for a new upscale restaurant $113,700.00 2021
Soul City Studios 5851 W. Chicago Ave. Interior and exterior rehab for a new health & wellness center $250,000.00 2021
Soule' Chicago Corp 3210 W. Roosevelt Rd. Buildout for a family-friendly restaurant in Lawndale $250,000.00 2021
Scott Enterprises 11513 S. Michigan Ave. Rehabilitation of existing office space $137,500.00 2020
See Spot Run 4118 W. Division St. Buildout for a new location of an existing dog training and boarding facility $250,000.00 2020
Shakespear Rose Culinary Kitchen 6246 S. St Lawrence Ave. Rehabilitation of a commercial space to accommodate a commercial kitchen to incubate food-based businesses. Will offer cooking classes, host events and pop-up restaurants $64,030.52  2019
Shrimp and More 2320 E. 79th St. Revitalization of a vacant property for a neighborhood restaurant $62,025.00 2021
Sisters in Cinema 2310 E. 75th St. Property acquisition and rehab to house a nonprofit that pays homage to African American storytellers and educates and trains the next generation of storytellers $250,000.00 2017
Sky-Light Carpentry Services 5420 W. Division St. Buildout for a new shared office space serving small businesses in the finance, insurance and real estate industries $189,300.05 2018
South Side Community Art Center 3831 S. Michigan Ave. Comprehensive building restoration for City landmark that is home to an iconic arts and culture organization $196,578.75  2018
Spencer and Leak Sons Funeral Home 7833-7845 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Acquisition and renovation for a funeral home $250,000.00 2020
St. Edmund's Redevelopment Corporation 201-07 E. 61st St. New construction of an office building for an established Community Development Corporation that serves the Washington Park neighborhood $250,000.00 2018
Star Farm Chicago 5256 S. Ashland Ave. Buildout for fresh market and shared community kitchen $250,000.00 2021
Stewart Music Emporium 212 E. 79th St. Buildout for start-up music store that offers rentals, music lessons and rehearsal space $250,000.00 2019
StockYards DreamCatcher Cafe 1824 W. 47th St. Renovations for a new café and yoga studio $250,000.00 2021
Stone Community Development Corporation 4932-36 W. Chicago Ave. Renovations of multi-tenant commercial space for professional office space, a community center operated by Stone Community CDC, and a new gourmet popcorn retailer $250,000.00 2019
Stony Island Designs 6948 S. Stony Island Ave. Building renovations for a start-up paint and decorating products retailer $120,577.50 2019
T&C Fitness Club 5906-10 W. Chicago Ave. Acquisition, renovation and reuse of a large warehouse for a new fitness center $172,500.00  2020
Tasa Coffee 4136 W. North Ave. Interior renovations and buildout for a new neighborhood cafe $230,685.00 2021
The Boyce Group and Aquarium Que Bar & Grill 3452-58 W. 16th St. Buildout for a multi-tenant commercial building that will house staffing agency and start-up barbeque themed sports bar $95,625.00  2019
The Bronzeville Winery 4420 & 4414 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Renovation for a start-up winery and restaurant $250,000.00 2020
The Honeycomb 2547 W. 71st St. Renovations to reopen the sports bar that closed in 2012 due to a fire $83,500.00 2017
The Joint 6902 S. Western Ave. Renovations for a new casual dining restaurant $183,996.23 2021
The Salud Center Fitness Facility 3039 E. 91st St. Buildout of a new fitness center as part of the forthcoming Salud Center, a redevelopment of a vacated large YMCA building $250,000.00 2019
The Wellness Connection at Imani Village 901 E. 95th St. Buildout of commercial tenant spaces within Imani Village project for a pharmacy, produce market and coffee shop -- all tenants will have a health focus. $250,000.00 2019
Theatre Y 2006 S. Pulaski Rd. Renovations for a theatre company $118,562.50 2021
Thrift 2517 W. 59th St.  Buildout for a new second-hand store $67,080.00 2021
Tom's Place 1509 W. 47th St. Acquisition and buildout for a start-up family-oriented diner offer an “American breakfast.” They will collaborate with nearby culinary schools to offer workforce training opportunities. $250,000.00 2019
Tropical Optical Company 3624 W. 26th St. Exterior and interior renovations for a full service optical office $250,000.00  2018
Uncle Remus Restaurant 5611 W. Madison St. Rehab of the restaurant including floor repairs, façade improvements, new roofing and new fencing $162,150.00 2017
Urban Core 1840 E. 71st St. Buildout to accommodate four new health-focused businesses including yoga studio $250,000.00 2019
Wagging Swag Pet Salon 820 E. 63rd St. Buildout of a commercial unit in Woodlawn Station for an upscale dog, cat, and general pet grooming salon. Will provide dog walking and doggy daycare services as well. $110,793.75 2019
West Humboldt Park Development Council 3620 W. Chicago Ave. Renovations for a neighborhood non-profit organization focused on business development and commercial corridor enhancements $195,759.75 2019
Wincorp Ventures 2838 W. Roosevelt Rd. Conversion of existing convenience store into small grocery with healthier food options $250,000.00 2019
Wolf Den 1924 W. 47th St. Buildout for a new casual Latin fusion restaurant and burger bar $250,000.00 2021
Xavier's Club 4456 S. Western Ave. Mechanical and aesthetic repairs for an existing tavern $78,200.00  2020

** Estimated Grant Amounts are preliminary estimates. Final awards are de­termined after two contractor bids have been received and a construction budget is finalized.


Large Grant Projects*

Project Name Address Description NOF Commitment Finalist Year
Bridgewater Studio  4834 S. Oakley Ave. Rehabilitation of a 50,000 SF building for a custom furniture and design business and an art mentorship incubation space. $1,850,000 2019
Bronzeville Salon Suites, LLC 80 E. Pershing Rd. Construction of a new 6,500 SF building with 18, fully-equipped salon suites for independent beauty professionals. $720,334 2018
Civic Commons - St. Laurence 1341-53 E. 72nd St. Rehabilitation of the former St. Laurence Catholic Elementary School for a 40,000 SF arts and business incubator for the community, offering art programming, skill training and work space. $1,600,000 2019
Cup O' Joe Coffee - Veteran Roasters TBD Rehabilitation of a 28,000 SF facility for coffee and brewery production, a cafe, a brewpub, and employment for veterans. $2,000,000 2019
Enlace Chicago 2759 S. Harding Ave. Rehabilitation of third floor and rooftop for a small business incubator focusing on food, agriculture and art. $550,000 2018
Huddle House 9401 S. Stony Island Ave.  Construction of a new Huddle House diner. $1,100,000 2019
Inner City Entertainment (ICE) 1850 E. 71st Street Rehabilitation of several properties along 71st Street for various restaurant and entertainment options. $2,500,000 2020
Inner-City Muslim Action Network Healthy Marketplace (IMAN) 1207-11 W. 63rd St. Rehabilitation for a corner store and healthy marketplace. $1,750,000 2020
J. Marie Development 949 E. 75th St. Rehabilitation of and existing, vacant building for a 13,375 SF restaurant. $1,349,500 2021-1
Leamington Foods 3250 W. Roosevelt Rd. Rehabilitation, remodel and rebranding of existing grocery store. $1,120,282 2018
Little Village Chamber of Commerce (XQuina Cafe) 3534 W. 26th St. Rehabilitation of a vacant building for a community café, office incubator and training space. $1,500,000 2018
Motoworks Chicago 1901 S. Western Ave. Rehabilitation of existing business for motorcycle and scooter riding/licensing school, additional retail space and community event space. $1,590,602 2021-1
North Lawndale Employment Network 1111 S. Homan Ave. Rehabilitation for a new training campus with a café, event rental space and an urban farm for Sweet Beginnings. $2,500,000 2019
Ogden Commons 2632-2646 W. Ogden Construction of a new office and retail building with restaurants. $2,500,000 2019
SYTE Corporation 6793 S. Chicago Ave. Rehabilitation of a 17,922 SF building into company headquarters and a small business development center. $2,108,928 2018
The Grove on Cottage 4528 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Construction of a new coworking space with offices, a café, retail space, a wellness center and a live music venue. $1,500,000 2019
The Kehrein Center [completed]
5608 W. Washington Rehabilitation of a vacant auditorium into a performing arts center with 1,000-seat theater. $1,000,000 2018
The Plant 1400 W. 46th St. Rehabilitation of 6,000 SF for seven, commercial, incubator kitchens. $1,682,500 2021-1

* Large Projects (over $250,000 in grant funds) require City Council approval and a Redevelopment Agreement that governs the grant terms, including M/WBE, prevailing wage and City residency construction requirements.

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