NOF Projects

New Finalists - announced 1/22/2021

Project Address Summary Anticipated Award Amount Year Awarded
Bronzeville Wingz 4547 S. State St. New construction for a casual dining restaurant $250,000.00 2020
Burst Into Books 11001 S. Michigan Ave. Interior renovations for a new bookstore and business incubator $250,000.00 2020
Cookie’s Cocktail Lounge 1024 W. 79th St. Renovations for a long-standing community tavern $179,229.00 2020
Delar's Unisex Salon 4132 W. 26th St. Interior and exterior renovation for existing hair salon $54,300.00 2020
Fletcher’s Laundry 6049 S. Halsted St. Remodeling for an existing laundry service $185,925.00 2020
Front Yard Jerk Grille 74 E. 71st St. Renovations for an existing Caribbean-American restaurant $40,000.00 2020
Granados Cafe 1845 W. 47th St. Buildout for a new Mexican bakery and cafe $250,000.00 2020
Hattie Marie BBQ 825 E. 87th St. Buildout for a new casual Cajun and Texas-style Barbecue restaurant $250,000.00 2020
Heritage Club 5951 W. Madison St. Historical building conversion into high-end retail, restaurant, and event space $250,000.00 2020
JJJ Burgers 2904 S Commercial Ave. Remodeling and buildout for a modern burger restaurant $166,400.00 2020
Justice of the Pies 2025 E. 75th St. Renovations for a social mission-based bakery company $250,000.00 2020
Lior's Cafe 10500 S. Halsted St. Buildout for new café and business incubator $250,000.00 2020
Natural Roots Kids Hair 1851-55 E. 87th St. Interior and exterior renovations for hair salon $187,500.00 2020
One Florence Boulevard 605 E. 111th St. Renovations for a café and gift shop as part of the Pullman House Project Welcome Center $245,300.00 2020
Pantano's Restaurant 2521-2523 W. 63rd St. Buildout for a new casual Latin fusion restaurant $223,402.00 2020
POTLUC 5811 W. Chicago Ave. Expansion for an existing catering company into an events space $90,000.00 2020
Quintana 3050 W. Cermak Rd. Interior and exterior renovations for an existing multilingual solutions company $192,000.00 2020
Rosie's Donuts 7 East 111th St. Renovations for a new donut shop and cafe $198,000.00 2020
SOAJ  2313 E. 71st St. Renovations for a new upscale restaurant $113,700.00 2020
Sarah Kuenyefu Collection 4410-4412 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Buildout for a new location of a clothing store $80,000.00 2020
Shrimp and More 2320 E. 79th St. Revitalization of a vacant property for a neighborhood restaurant $62,025.00 2020
Soul City Studios 5851 W. Chicago Ave. Interior and exterior rehab for a new health & wellness center $250,000.00 2020
Soule' Chicago Corp 3210 W. Roosevelt Rd. Buildout for a family-friendly restaurant in Lawndale $250,000.00 2020
Star Farm Chicago 5256 S. Ashland Ave. Buildout for fresh market and shared community kitchen $242,000.00 2020
StockYards DreamCatcher Cafe 1824 W. 47th St. Renovations for a new café and yoga studio $250,000.00 2020
Tasa Coffee 4136 W. North Ave. Interior renovations and buildout for a new neighborhood cafe $230,685.00 2020
The Joint 6902 S. Western Ave. Renovations for a new casual dining restaurant $183,996.23 2020
Theatre Y 2006 S. Pulaski Rd. Renovations for a theatre company $118,562.50 2020
Thrift 2517 W. 59th St. Buildout for a new second-hand store $67,080.00 2020
Wolf Den 1924 W. 47th St. Buildout for a new casual Latin fusion restaurant and burger bar $250,000.00 2020


Completed Projects

Project Address Summary Payment to Date Year Awarded
345 Art Gallery 345 N. Kedzie Ave. Acquisition of two lots adjacent to the visual arts gallery and venue to allow for expansion.  $155,547.10 2017
Carniceria la Hacienda 5159 S. Kedzie Ave. Update to the fourth location of the family grocery business, including improvements to the interior, façade, parking lot, and roof.  $85,775.48 2017
Chubby's Char House 5963 W. Madison St. New restaurant build-out offering casual fast food while providing training and employment to ex-offender reentry individuals. $107,973.75 2018
Coleman's Bar-B-Que #2 5752-56 W Chicago Ave
Renovation of barbecue restaurant.
Doughboy's Chicago 352 E 71st St Buildout of new restaurant specializing in soul food and other specialty items. 
DragonFLY Gallery and Creative Spaces 2436 W. Madison St. Acquisition and buildout of an art gallery and studio that offers classes and programming to local high school students. $95,693.17 2019
Emanuel's Chapel Funeral Home 5112 S. Western Ave. Improvements to the façade and redevelopment of the parking lot.  $194,155.00  2018
Essential Elements - Chicago 1640 E. 87th St. Renovations to an existing women's boutique to include replacement of roof and flooring. $20,868.38  2018
Gallery Guichard 446 E. 47th St. Expansion of the gallery with the addition of an outdoor sculpture garden that will house rotating exhibits. $15,000.00 2017
Herban Produce 2858 W. Van Buren St.
Expansion of existing urban farm and buildout of adjacent commercial storefront for an associated events space.
Ivory Dental Specialists 8344 S. Halsted St. Acquisition and renovation of property for 2nd location of dental practice. $250,000.00 2017
Kenwood Dental Group 1335 E. 87th St. Renovations and modernization of an existing dental practice. $149,999.00 2018
Linda's Sport Shoes 3236 W 26th St Renovations to a sportswear retailer. $22,262.50 2018
Little Black Pearl Workshop 1040 E 47th Buildout of non-profit restaurant. $66,075.00 2018
Mikkey's Retro Grill 8126 S. Stony Island Ave. Building rehab to open a second location of the restaurant. $139,058.77  2017
OLD NAVY 11700 S. Marshfield Ave. Build-out for Old Navy store in Marshfield Plaza. $167,256.55 2018
Osito's Tap 2553 S. Ridgeway Ave. Build-out of start-up craft beer and spirits bar adjacent to family-owned Moreno's Liquors.  $205,233.36  2018
Shawn Michelle's Churned Homemade 56 E. 47th St. Build-out for a new ice cream parlor and warm pie pantry  $58,246.89  2017
Sip & Savor 78 E. 47th St. New location of Sip and Savor coffee shop in the recently revitalized Rosenwald building. $94,245.00  2017
South Shore Brew 7101 S. Yates Blvd. Build-out of a coffee shop that offers Southern fare, grab-and-go pastries, and coffee from Bridgeport Coffee featuring African beans.   $98,420.24  2017
Ted's Place 5813 W. Madison St. Renovations and updates to longstanding community tavern. $44,161.10  2018
The Law Office of Theodore London 1718 E 87th St Expansion of existing law practice into an adjacent storefront to support growing business. $198,708.47 2018
The Quarry Event Center 2423 E. 75th St. Renovations to existing event space. $32,849.48 2017
The Woodlawn 1200 E. 79th St. Buildout of a start-up café and restaurant pop up space and an adjacent office incubator space used for educational classes.  $179,879.45  2018
3515 W. 63rd St.
New resale store for clothing and housewares, developed under WINGS $132,342.52 2018
YWCA Metropolitan Chicago 6600 S. Cottage Grove Buildout of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago's Small Business Incubator $151,767.57 2019


Awarded Projects

Project Address Summary Estimated Grant Amount** Year Awarded
5 Loaves Eatery 405 E. 75th St. Expansion of established neighborhood restaurant that will allow them to grow into adjacent storefront, increase capacity and improve efficiency $211,602.30 2019
5 Loaves Eatery / Harold's Chicken 407 E. 75th St. Renovations to multi-tenant commercial property to improve the façade, tuck-pointing, and HVAC $250,000.00 2018
51st Street Restaurant Row 363 - 365 E. 51st St. Redevelopment of vacant ground floor commercial units to provide move-in ready space to restauranteurs $250,000.00 2018
79th/Halsted Retail 7861 S. Halsted St. Renovations to six (6) unit commercial property to fill three (3) vacant units and to update the façade $41,900.00 2019
A2 Express 6901 - 09 S. Wentworth Ave.
141 - 147 W. 69th St.
Buildout and renovations for multi-tenant commercial property $250,000.00 2019
ABJ A.R.T.S. 1818 E. 71st St. Renovations for arts and culture organization including the buildout of a 125-seat black box theatre $118,950.00 2019
Acuario Piscis Pet Store & Grooming 3040 W. Cermak Rd. Interior and exterior renovations (including façade enhancement) for the existing pet store and grooming salon. Locally and family-owned business that sells pet supplies, reptiles, birds, rodents, and fish. $120,134.68 2019
AGB Investigative Services 2445 W. 71st St. Redevelopment of property to accommodate professional office for a full service security firm $59,000.00 2019
Ambassador Floral 11045 S. Halsted St. Complete renovation of the property, including expansion of the garden center $200,000.00 2017
Amour Salon Suites 646-650 E, 43rd St, solar roof panels for a neighborhood salon/studio $36,741.00 2020
AP Deli 10756-58 S. Michigan Ave. Façade and storefront improvements to original location of AP Deli and buildout for a barbershop in an adjacent tenant space. $117,614.90 2018
Avenue Dogs 5845 W. Chicago Ave. Buildout of vacant office space for a new Vienna beef hot dog stand. Applicant will also renovate the adjacent vacant lot to build an outdoor patio for seating during warmer months. $51,350.00 2019
Bass Furniture & Rug 11431 S. Michigan Ave. Interior and exterior renovations for furniture store $187,500.00 2020
Beverly Food Market 8636 S. Ashland Ave. Renovations for a start-up grocery store that includes a deli and take-out foods space. The food market occupies a former Walgreens location. $190,782.46 2019
Bombon Cake Gallery and Design 834 W. 26th St. Renovation and build-out for a neighborhood baker $168,375.00 2020
Brewer Coffee and Custard 1008 W. 79th St. Exterior renovations for a neighborhood cafe $10,650.00 2020
Bronzeville Culinary Kitchens 436 E. 47th St. Buildout of new shared commercial kitchen and events facility to support new and existing food-based small businesses. $250,000.00 2018
Bronzeville Office Suites 48 E. Pershing Rd. New construction of office suites for the Bronzeville community $250,000.00 2020
Brown Sugar Bakery 4800 W. Chicago Ave. Rehab of commercial space to house a new location of the bakery and catering business currently operating at two other locations $110,000.00 2017
Café Du Bois 325 W. 95th St. Acquire, renovate, and transform the vacant property into a sit-down retail coffee shop, Café Du Bois.  $250,000 2019
CBQ Facial Beauty Bar 4458 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Buildout for a salon and spa as part of a new construction mixed-use project $37,500.00 2020
Calahan Funeral Home 7046 S. Halsted St. Expansion of an existing funeral home with a building addition and new parking $250,000.00 2018
California Smoke House 2800 W. Madison St. Rehab of the building to develop a new restaurant to replace the closed Wallace's Catfish Corner $250,000.00 2017
Catedral Café 2455 - 59 S. Christian Ave. Buildout for start-up vegan restaurant with demo kitchen and rooftop patio. The owners own La Catedral Café & restaurant across the street, an anchor in the Little Village community. $235,175.00 2019
Chicago Army & Lou's 416-24 E. 75th St. Build-out for start-up restaurant paying homage to the historic Army & Lou's including the addition of a rooftop patio $150,000.00 2018
Cocina Companida de Trabajadores Cooperativistas, LWCA (CCTC) 3654 W. 16th St. Building purchase and commercial kitchen expansion for an existing Mexican street vendor cooperative $114,625.00 2019
Culver's 111th St. & Doty Rd. New construction of Culver's restaurant $250,000.00 2020
Del-Kar Pharmacy 3726 W. 16th St. Renovations to longstanding neighborhood pharmacy and convenience store $113,246.25 2018
DLV Printing Service, Inc. 5825 W. Corcoran Pl. Building renovation for an existing printing services company​ $67,320.00 2020
Don Pepe Restaurant 3614 W. 26th St. Expansion of the restaurant to provide opportunities to feature local Latinx-themed artwork. Don Pepe will work with local artists to showcase their work. The project will add new capacity with a new exhaust hood and walk-in freezer. $35,999.60 2019
Doughboy's 352 E. 71st St. Buildout for new tenant: Doughboy’s restaurant specializing in soul food and other specialty items. $99,000.00 2018
DragonFLY Gallery and Creative Spaces 2436 W. Madison St. Acquisition and buildout for an art gallery and studio that will also offer classes and programming for local high school students. $110,196.27 2019
Dust Em Clean Maintenance 634 E. 61st St. Redevelopment of multi-unit commercial building owned and occupied by an existing janitorial and site maintenance company along with new retail tenants. $250,000.00 2018
Duwell Fish Company 617 S. Pulaski Rd. Existing fish retailer renovating their parking lot and building out space for an outdoor farmer’s market. A 50-year old family-owned company. $80,207.69 2019
Elite Futures 1659 W. 51st St. Renovation and build-out for a new neighborhood deli and convenience store $246,000.00 2020
El Pollo Bravo 4105 W. 26th St. Acquisition and buildout to re-open a chicken restaurant (specializing in flame grilled chicken). This project will allow Pollo Bravo to remain on the same block they were formerly operating on. $250,000.00 2019
Englewood Branded 1546 W. 63rd St. Renovations to existing neighborhood-centric screen printing shop. The renovations will allow them to improve the retail area and the screen printing training area. $194,421.00 2019
Etcetera 2674 W. Madison St. Complete rehab of a start-up American restaurant and sports bar $250,000.00 2018
Family Dental Care 3009 E. 92nd St. Holistic renovation for an existing dental office $250,000.00 2020
FIG Cafe Coffee 1008 W. 79th St. exterior renovations for neighborhood coffee shop $10,650.00 2020
Floreria La Orquidea 2458 S. Millard Ave. Acquisition and buildout for relocation and expansion of existing floral arrangement business $243,750.00 2019
FoodHero L3C 3525 W. 26th St. Buildout for a shared commercial kitchen with culinary and business training programs. Food Hero is an existing organization that offers certified courses in restaurant management, food manufacturing, food safety, etc. $250,000.00 2019
Frances Cocktail Lounge 307 E. 75th St. Expansion of longstanding neighborhood tavern with an all seasons back patio and expansion of kitchen $55,267.65 2019
Free Street Theater 4346 S. Ashland Ave. Interior and exterior rehabilitation for community theatre space $47,500.00 2020
Full Video Production Services 2226 E. 71st St. Acquisition of an adjacent lot and renovations to an existing video production service business $121,680.00 2019
Gala Enterprises 10658 S. Michigan Ave. Remodel in an historic building for a new food market $204,700.00 2020
Garcia's Svcs 5134 W. Grand Ave. Renovations to exterior and interior of building for a notary and document translation services business $107,850.00 2018
Garifuna Flava Caribbean Restaurant 2516 W. 63rd St. Improvements to the façade, rehab of the dining room and expansion of the kitchen $212,500.00 2017
Gatling's Repast & Event Center 10223-10227 S. Halsted St. Buildout for a state of the art events center affiliated with nearby Gatling's Chapel to support and grow the 30-year old business $250,000.00 2019
GN Bank 4619 S. King Drive Renovations for a the only remaining black-owned, community bank in Chicago, the successor to ISF Bank $40,502.47 2019
Ground Control 3961 W. Madison St. Renovation and expansion for a retail clothing and shoe store $239,025.00 2020
Haute Brats 6239 S. Ashland Ave. Buildout for new tenant: "Haute Brats," a social enterprise that will serve takeout American classics and provide workforce development training in conjunction with local organizations $133,719.00 2018
Head Quarters Barber Academy 5131 W. Madison St. Build-out on the second floor to expand existing barber shop and barber academy $195,981.50 2018
Heritage Café 8118 S. Stony Island Ave. Renovation and acquisition of building to improve efficiency, increase capacity, and make use of the back lot for the café $250,000.00 2019
Heritage Plaza Banquet Facility 1500 W. 95th St. Commercial kitchen and banquet hall renovations for an existing community-oriented banquet facility affiliated with Third Baptist Church of Chicago $250,000.00 2019
Hoagie Kingz 10314 s halsted st Tenant buildout for new sandwich shop specializing in hoagies, steak sandwiches, gyros, wings, Italian beefs, etc $24,885.00 2019
Homan Grown 3844 W 16th St. Addition of new component of the MLK Blooms Initiative that wholesales and retails perennials to Chicago-based landscaping firms $38,818.43 2017
Iyanze Bronze 308 E. 51st St. Build-out for a second location of the Nigerian restaurant in the Bronzeville Cookin' building $174,367.51 2017
Jacaranda Bar 3608 W. 26th St. Beautification of the space for a neighborhood tavern and lounge, plus addition of a back patio. $118,112.50 2019
Jeffery Java and Old Fashioned Donuts 1951 E. 71st St. Buildout of start-up coffee shop and café featuring Old Fashioned Donuts $250,000.00 2018
Karla's Kitchen of Chicago 801 S. Pulaski Rd. Property acquisition and rehab for the relocation and expansion of this soul food restaurant $200,000.00 2017
Karry Young Development 1310 E. 75th St. Buildout of a banquet hall and events space on the ground floor with a full kitchen and a cigar lounge on the second floor $250,000.00 2019
KC Body Shop Supply 6027 S. Kedzie Ave. Storefront and roofing work for an existing auto body and repair shop $56,250.00 2020
Kusanya Café 823 W. 69th St. Renovations to neighborhood café and adjacent space to allow for an expansion where they will offer wellness and yoga classes $55,250.00 2019
La Cremeria Santa Maria 3300 W. 26th St. Expansion of the dairy retailer and wholesaler with a second location in Little Village $58,500.00 2018
Larry's Barber College 10456 S. Halsted St. Purchase and rehab to longstanding barber shop and college $246,100.00 2018
Latinos Progresando 2724 W. Cermak Rd. Property acquisition and build-out of a currently vacant public library building into a hub for cultural activities and events, such as art, music and theater. The first floor will house offices for the organization's legal immigration services $250,000.00 2018
Lee's Unleaded Blues 7401 S. South Chicago Ave. Acquisition and rebabilitation to re-open a blues club $136,000.00 2020
LeKula Café 645 - 53 W. 119th St. Complete interior build-out and redevelopment of parking lot for start-up café and lounge $200,000.00 2018
Linda's Sport Shoes 3236 W. 26th St. Renovations and updates to a sporting goods store specializing in athletic footwear $32,500.00 2018
L. May Creations 5938 W. Chicago Ave. Expansion project for an existing upscale event space $250,000.00 2020
Love Dental 11139 S. Halsted St. Renovations to a parking lot for a general dental office $27,893.60 2019
M & M Realty LLC 1701 E. 75th St. Redevelopment of a vacant former carwash for a multi-tenant retail strip to accommodate a new coffee shop and other commercial uses $250,000.00 2019
M Lounge 69 East Garfield Blvd. Buildout for an upscale boutique restaurant called Cleo’s and a private event space called M7. M Lounge owns and operates two similar lounges in the South Loop.  $250,000.00 2019
Magnolia Screen Printing 2504 W. 63rd St. Complete interior renovation and exterior refresh for screen printer $193,050.00 2020
Majani 7355 S. Exchange Ave. Buildout of a commissary kitchen and offices for a growing vegan restaurant and catering company $159,250.00 2018
Mana Gourmet Foods 942-44 E. 79th St. Buildout for a start-up café and dessert shop that serves an innovative and locally made product $62,400.00 2018
Martinez Funeral Home 2534 S. Pulaski Rd. Interior and exterior renovations to independently owned, LatinX funeral home $59,428.50 2019
Melvina Masterminds 6114 W. North Ave. Buildout for a new entity, led by comedian and Chicago native Hannibal Burress, that will seek to enrich students with skill development. This entity will offer entrepreneurship training programs and include a performing arts venue. $168,750.00 2019
Mr. Anthony's Cleaners 5136 W. Chicago Ave. Interior and exterior rehabilitation for dry cleaner $119,700.00 2020
MZZ.Tish's Personal Touch Salon 8602 S. Racine Ave. Renovations to an existing beauty salon $26,275.00 2019
National Park Foundation 11057 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Buildout for the Visitors' Center at the forthcoming National Pullman Monument Park $250,000.00 2018
Nipsey's Restaurant & Bar 9156 S. Stony Island Ave. Buildout for a start-up southern-style restaurant with 90s theme $250,000.00 2019
Norman's Bistro 1001 - 1005 E. 43rd St. Façade enhancements to multi-unit commercial property including Norman’s Bistro, Room 43, and construction of The Haven $228,800.00 2018
Nortom Public Accounting & Auditing Company 1514 W. 87th St. Buildout for a start-up accounting services and insurance brokerage firm $21,710.00 2019
OK Corral 3225 W. 26th St. Buildout for the relocation of a longstanding western wear retailer that has been in business in Little Village for over 15 years $179,400.00 2019
One Stop Grocery 8143 S. Racine Ave. Rehabilitation and build-out for a full-service grocery store $250,000.00 2020
Original Soul Vegetarian 203 E. 75th St. Property acquisition and rehab to expand existing restaurant and streamline the space $250,000.00 2017
Party Wheelz 7508 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Acquisition and buildout for start-up event space focused on birthdays for ages 3 - 12. Kids will be able to drive high-end brand electric cars that can be remotely controlled by parents. $132,184.00 2019
PMJ Enterprises 4122 W. Grand Ave. Façade repairs for a general contracting company’s professional office $180,222.00 2019
Restaurant Y Taqueria La Justicia 3901 W. 26th St. Exterior and interior renovations to a long-standing family-owned Mexican restaurant $48,206.60 2018
RH Sneed's Hardware & Maintenance 1650 W. 79th St. Interior and exterior renovations for a longstanding, minority-owned, independent hardware store $23,075.00 2019
Rock the Islands Café 7114 S. Yates Blvd. Buildout for a start-up restaurant that will feature fare inspired by Jamaican, Haitian, and Cuban cuisines $59,475.00 2019
S2 City Grill 8734 S. Stony Island Ave. Rehabilitation and buildout for steak and seafood restaurant $173,407.00 2020
Scott Enterprises 11513 S. Michigan Ave. Rehabilitation of existing office space $135,700.00 2020
See Spot Run 4118 W. Division St. Buildout for a new location of an existing dog training and boarding facility $250,000.00 2020
Shakespear Rose Culinary Kitchen 6246 S. St Lawrence Ave. Rehabilitation of a commercial space to accommodate a commercial kitchen to incubate food-based businesses. Will offer cooking classes, host events and pop-up restaurants $47,675.56 2019
Sisters in Cinema 2310 E. 75th St. Property acquisition and rehab to house a nonprofit that pays homage to African American storytellers and educates and trains the next generation of storytellers $181,725.00 2017
Sky-Light Carpentry Services 5420 W. Division St. Buildout for a new shared office space serving small businesses in the finance, insurance and real estate industries $189,300.05 2018
Smokey Zo's 11641 S. Halsted Ave. Buildout for a start-up wife-and-husband-owned barbecue restaurant $53,250.00 2019
South Side Community Art Center 3831 S. Michigan Ave. Comprehensive building restoration for City landmark that is home to an iconic arts and culture organization $250,000.00 2018
Spencer and Leak Sons Funeral Home 7833-7845 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Acquisition and renovation for a funeral home $150,650.00 2020
Spirit & Soul Catering 5141 W. Madison St. Buildout for a start-up southern style restaurant and catering operation $41,925.00 2019
St. Edmund's Redevelopment Corporation 201-07 E. 61st St. New construction of an office building for an established Community Development Corporation that serves the Washington Park neighborhood $250,000.00 2018
Stewart Music Emporium 212 E. 79th St. Buildout for start-up music store that offers rentals, music lessons and rehearsal space $250,000.00 2019
Stone Community Development Corporation 4932-36 W. Chicago Ave. Renovations of multi-tenant commercial space for professional office space, a community center operated by Stone Community CDC, and a new gourmet popcorn retailer $250,000.00 2019
Stony Island Designs 6948 S. Stony Island Ave. Building renovations for a start-up paint and decorating products retailer $120,577.50 2019
Strawberry Café 1652 E. 79th St. Establishment of a new start-up restaurant specializing in breakfast and catering to the community. $250,000.00 2018
Taqueria Maravatio 2625 W. 59th St. Buildout for relocation and expansion of existing Mexican restaurant $186,387.50 2019
T&C Fitness Club 5906-10 W. Chicago Ave. Acquisition, renovation and reuse of a large warehouse for a new fitness center $150,000.00 2020
Teatro Tariakuri 3117 W. 63rd St. Exterior renovations (façade, storefront and roofing) to an existing dance theatre company that provides services to children and adults. They offer classes in English and Spanish. $56,223.00 2019
The Annex 2100 E. 71st St. Buildout for new food hall, incubator and business accelerator $110,000.00 2019
The Boyce Group and Aquarium Que Bar & Grill 3452-58 W. 16th St. Buildout for a multi-tenant commercial building that will house staffing agency and start-up barbeque themed sports bar $138,450.00 2019
The Build Brothers 2612 W. 71st St. Buildout for a new office space for engineering and construction company including a technical training center. They will offer training to 14-21 year olds for technical programs such as AutoCad and Micro-Station. $250,000.00 2019
The Bronzeville Winery 4420 & 4414 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Renovation for a start-up winery and restaurant $250,000.00 2020
The Honeycomb 2547 W. 71st St. Renovations to reopen the sports bar that closed in 2012 due to a fire $83,500.00 2017
The Law Office of Theodore London 1718 E. 87th St. Expansion of existing law practice into an adjacent storefront to support growing business $250,000.00 2018
The Lighthouse Café 524 S. Laramie Ave. Buildout for start-up neighborhood coffee shop $29,425.50 2019
The Reading Room Café 335 E. 51st St. Buildout for minority/woman-owned start-up vegan café with a library theme. They will create a "lending library" wall of books for customers. $118,350.00 2019
The Salud Center Fitness Facility 3039 E. 91st St. Buildout of a new fitness center as part of the forthcoming Salud Center, a redevelopment of a vacated large YMCA building $250,000.00 2019
The Wellness Connection at Imani Village 901 E. 95th St. Buildout of commercial tenant spaces within Imani Village project for a pharmacy, produce market and coffee shop -- all tenants will have a health focus. $250,000.00 2019
The Woodshop Art Gallery 441 E. 75th St. Renovations to update longstanding community anchor art gallery, custom cabinetry maker and frame shop. The Woodshop has been serving the South Side for over 40 years. $45,175.00 2019
TnS Studio 1823 E. 79th St. Renovation and reuse of a vacant building​ for an architecture studio $90,000.00 2020
Tom's Place 1509 W. 47th St. Acquisition and buildout for a start-up family-oriented diner offer an “American breakfast.” They will collaborate with nearby culinary schools to offer workforce training opportunities. $250,000.00 2019
Tropical Optical Company 3624 W. 26th St. Exterior and interior renovations for a full service optical office $204,230.67 2018
Turkey Chop 3804 W. 16th St. Build-out of the ground floor of the MLK Legacy Apartment building to house the second location of Turkey Chop $35,000.00 2017
Uncle Remus Restaurant 5611 W. Madison St. Rehab of the restaurant including floor repairs, façade improvements, new roofing and new fencing $162,150.00 2017
Urban Core 1840 E. 71st St. Buildout to accommodate four new health-focused businesses including yoga studio $250,000.00 2019
Wash and Spin @ 530 530 - 532 E. 43rd St. Renovations and buildout for laundromat and fitness center $98,500.00 2020
Wagging Swag Pet Salon 820 E. 63rd St. Buildout of a commercial unit in Woodlawn Station for an upscale dog, cat, and general pet grooming salon. Will provide dog walking and doggy daycare services as well. $114,238.80 2019
West Humboldt Park Development Council 3620 W. Chicago Ave. Renovations for a neighborhood non-profit organization focused on business development and commercial corridor enhancements $195,759.75 2019
Wincorp Ventures 2838 W. Roosevelt Rd. Conversion of existing convenience store into small grocery with healthier food options $250,000.00 2019
Woodlawn Station 804 - 820 E. 63rd St. This project will help fund the tenant improvements for the following new tenants: Brown Sugar Bakery, UPS and Blue Lotus Yoga. The tenants will have less buildout required of them byway of this assistance. $125,000.00 2019
Xavier's Club 4456 S. Western Ave. Mechanical and aesthetic repairs for an existing tavern $68,000.00 2020
YWCA Metropolitan Chicago's Small Business Incubator 6600 S. Cottage Grove. Expansion for a long standing social services center who is adding a small business incubator and technology training center $185,605.50 2019

** Estimated Grant Amounts are preliminary estimates. Final awards are de­termined after two contractor bids have been received and a construction budget is finalized.


Large Grant Projects*

Project Address Summary Grant Amount Year Awarded
Bridgewater Studio  4834 S. Oakley Ave. Rehabilitation of a 50,000 SF building for a custom furniture and design business and an art mentorship incubation space. $1,850,000 2019
Bronzeville Salon Suites, LLC 80 E. Pershing Rd. Construction of a new 6,500 SF building with 18, fully-equipped salon suites for independent beauty professionals. $720,334 2018
Civic Commons - St. Laurence 1341-53 E. 72nd St. Rehabilitation of the former St. Laurence Catholic Elementary School for a 40,000 SF arts and business incubator for the community, offering art programming, skill training and work space. $1,600,000 2019
Cup O' Joe Coffee - Veteran Roasters TBD Rehabilitation of a 28,000 SF facility for coffee and brewery production, a cafe, a brewpub, and employment for veterans. $2,000,000 2019
Definition Theater Company 6400 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Rehabilitation of existing building for office and rehearsal space. $1,600,000 2019
Enlace Chicago 2759 S. Harding Ave. Rehabilitation of third floor and rooftop for a small business incubator focusing on food, agriculture and art. $550,000 2018
Huddle House 9401 S. Stony Island Ave.  Construction of a new Huddle House diner. $1,100,000 2019
Inner City Entertainment 1850 E. 71st Street Rehabilitation of several properties along 71st Street for various restaurant and entertainment options. $2,500,000 2020
Inner-City Muslim Action Network Healthy Marketplace 1207-11 W. 63rd St. Rehabilitation for a corner store and healthy marketplace. $1,750,000 2020
Leamington Foods 3250 W. Roosevelt Rd. Rehabilitation, remodel and rebranding of existing grocery store. $1,120,282 2018
Little Village Chamber of Commerce (XQuina Cafe) 3534 W. 26th St. Rehabilitation of a vacant building for a community café, office incubator and training space. $1,500,000 2018
Madland Industries, LLC 328 N. Albany Ave. Rehabilitation for Passion House Coffee Roasters, a photography business, and other tenants. $660,000 2019
North Lawndale Employment Network 1111 S. Homan Ave. Rehabilitation for a new training campus with a café, event rental space and an urban farm for Sweet Beginnings. $2,500,000 2019
Ogden Commons 2632-2646 W. Ogden Construction of a new office and retail building with restaurants. $2,500,000 2019
Peach's on 47th * 4652 S. King Dr. Rehabilitation of an existing restaurant to provide live jazz and blues. $400,000 2019
SYTE Corporation 6793 S. Chicago Ave. Rehabilitation of a 17,922 SF building into company headquarters and a small business development center. $2,108,928 2018
The Grove on Cottage 4528 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Construction of a new coworking space with offices, a café, retail space, a wellness center and a live music venue. $1,500,000 2019
The Kehrein Center [completed]
5608 W. Washington Rehabilitation of a vacant auditorium into a performing arts center with 1,000-seat theater. $1,000,000 2018

* Large Projects (over $250,000 in grant funds) require City Council approval and a Redevelopment Agreement that governs the grant terms, including M/WBE, prevailing wage and City residency construction requirements.

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